About Us

Welcome To Trinity The Woodlands. Get to know us a little bit here.

We’re Growing The Church

Trinity The Woodlands is considered a resource parish. Throughout the Diocese of Texas, other parishes look to us to learn from our leadership in outreach, youth convocation, and music ministries.

Trinity The Woodlands has mentored and ordained four new priests and a deacon in the last decade. We currently have two candidates in seminary, one for the priesthood and one for the deaconate, as well as additional members in the discernment process. We are actively participating in the growth of the church by our involvement in developing new members of the clergy.

Trinity The Woodlands has established a missional community named St. Isidore. St. Isidore is a cutting-edge entity, gaining national recognition for the work that they are doing to bring the Gospel to the people in the community.

We Are A Diverse And Growing Family

Trinity The Woodlands has 650 families represented in our congregation. That’s about 1,500 souls for Christ!

Trinity The Woodlands is a diverse parish. We have families from the Caribbean, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, India, Japan, Liberia, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Trinity The Woodlands has reintroduced Sunday School classes. This new model involves parents as well as children and teachers, making Christian formation an inter-generational, family ministry. Sixty-six people participated in our pilot program in the spring of 2018. There will be more formation programs for children and families to come.

Trinity The Woodlands has Bible Studies almost every day of the week, including a summer Bible study for youth in grades 9-12.

We Are Building For The Future

Trinity The Woodlands recently completed a new Children’s Ministry Building. This space is dedicated to children’s ministries such as the Trinity Kids Corner, Boy Scouts, Children’s Chapel, and many more. We are building a vibrant, spiritual, Christian learning environment for our kids and those of generations to come.

Trinity Episcopal Day School enrollment is at a five-year high. They have built a new playground, a new library, and a new security system, all paid by their fundraising efforts. And they have completed extensive work to ensure the renewal of accreditation with the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools.

Trinity The Woodlands has many parishioners on community and Diocesan organization Boards. We are raising leaders!

Trinity The Woodlands has younger generations stepping into parish leadership.

There is so much happening here. Come, get involved, and experience the joy of community with us. We are the hands and feet of Christ, and we are proving it every day.