Alyssa Stebbing

Alyssa joined the Trinity staff in June of 2006. She is currently responsible for all oversight of all outreach programs at Trinity and within the local community; teaching Sunday School, small groups, and spiritual formation; Youth Minister for kids grades 7-12; and coordination of pilgrimage/mission trips. Before she assumed responsibility for the youth ministry, Alyssa was also Trinity’s contemporary music director.

In addition to her responsibilities at Trinity, Alyssa serves as Episcopal Migration Ministries Liaison for Diocese of Texas and was a former Anglican delegate to UNCSW.

Prior to joining Trinity, Alyssa was responsible for marketing, communications, and development at Compassion International; director of non-profit, The Legacy Ministry, Inc.; and a spiritual formation retreat leader.

Born in Texas, Alyssa grew up in New Mexico and Colorado. She returned to Texas in 2005.

A self-described liturgical geek, Alyssa somehow finds time outside of work for music and art, spiritual direction, and school, majoring in religious studies.