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About Community, by Deacon Bob

img - 74The social media movement has passed me by, so I just continue to reach out and embrace, face to face, handshake or hug, those whom I encounter in most any venue, but especially in church.

There has been an incredible mix of folks at Trinity Episcopal Church and in the community these past 37 years. For me it has been a joyous time, serving Christ in this and other places in innumerable ways.

My message is and has always been that we find Christ’s love, in human terms, in community, caring for and encouraging each other in myriad ways. Trinity Episcopal Church helps provide the place and the training and courage and calling to go out into the world to serve others. The Woodlands has always had the aura of wealth and successful people and happy families, but there are so many that do not share this relative prosperity. Trinity should and has provided those opportunities to serve others, especially the least, the last, and the lost.

I so strongly believe that this giving of ourselves to serve others is the essence of our life in Christ, that which sustains and energizes us to live a faithful and happy life.

So come join us to belong, and serve, and grow.

— Deacon Bob Horner