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Advent Beginnings, by Fr. Gerry

Dear Trinitarians,

I begin with the first words of the Bible: “In the beginning…”

I have been thinking a lot about beginnings recently. I love starting over when I have made a mistake. I want to reset a game or a conversation when things go wrong. I want others to forget the blunders I commit and begin again with me.

We begin each week gathering as Christians to worship and receive the grace found in word and Sacrament (Sunday – the first day of the week). We begin that day together in prayer.

We begin our day with a personal time of prayer and a morning routine of preparations for the rest of the day.

While we begin the calendar year January first, we begin the new Church year with Advent.

The desire to “begin again” is a part of human nature. We are excited as we begin new jobs, as we commit ourselves to new healthy habits, or begin a new hobby or activity.

The Christian life is the affirmation and the spiritual practices which allow us to “begin anew.” Jesus offers us a chance to seek Him anew after we have wandered away from him. We are offered the opportunity to begin again each time we humbly and honestly confess our sins. We have this opportunity as we begin the day in an act of self-offering to God. We are given the opportunity to begin anew each time we forgive someone.

To begin anew means new opportunities to love and serve. It is an opportunity to see myself and others through the eyes of God. It is not a reset or a do-over. It is a new moment in our life and in our faith.

As we begin Advent and this new liturgical year, let us become aware of the possibilities for beginnings; with friends and family, with work and school, with Christ and His Church.

Remember the first words in the Bible? “In the beginning…?” Well, you know this is not adequate to fully inform the possibility for renewal. The first words must be; “In the beginning, God…”

How will God be in your beginning anew?


Father Gerry+