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Christian Living in a Political World

I make the following promises to God, my country, and my neighbors:

I will not engage in disrespecting any human being whether that person is running for a political office or expressing a political opinion.

I will not create nor forward emails or post on other social media anything that are disrespectful to any candidate or any other human being – even if I believe it to be true (or funny).

I will not dehumanize anyone who disagrees with me.

I will pray for those who offend me and seek the grace of Christ to find the love God has for that person. I will not retaliate.

I will be a person of charity and grace to those who are on the other side of an issue.

I will only converse in reasonable discussions, and ask others to do the same.

I will try to understand those who differ from me and not “paint them with a broad stroke”. I will not place on them motivations they have not expressed.

I will not treat hyperbole as fact.

As a Christian, I will let the love of Christ inform my actions.