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Experience the Story of Holy Week

This past Sunday we began Holy Week with the Procession of the Palms and the reading of the Passion (suffering) of Christ. This marks the entrance into Christianity’s most sacred week. We believe that the Holy Week celebration began early in Jerusalem, and by the 4th century was an annual commemoration of His Death and Resurrection.

Holy Week is truly the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Each service during Holy Week is a piece of that story. We encourage you to join us, especially if your typical Easter practice is to come only on Palm Sunday and Easter. Attending even one

Head of Judas
Boltraffio, Giovanni Antonio, 1467-1516

additional service commemorating these holy days will surely deepen your experience of Easter and your faith in Christ.

Holy Wednesday – 10:00 AM & 7:00 PM

We recall the work of betrayal. Judas goes to the authorities and asks what they will give him to betray Jesus. The trap is set.

Maundy Thursday – 7:00 PM

Jesus Washes Feet, Jesus MAFA

We remember the Last Supper, how Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, and how he goes to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. It is here that Peter, James, and John fall asleep while Jesus prays, and he asks them: could they not watch with him for one hour? Judas joins him in the garden, and with a kiss, the betrayal is complete. The Sanctuary is emptied of all its beauty and lies bare before us.

Jesus at Gethsemane
David Ricketts

Maundy Thursday Watch – 9:00 PM Thursday to 3:00 PM Friday

In response to Jesus’ question, “Could you not watch with me for one hour,” we place the Sacrament of Bread and Wine at the Altar of Repose (in the Parlor). Members come to pray, read, and meditate on the sacrifice of Christ – responding to the question with, “Yes, I will watch with you for one hour.”

Good Friday – Noon and 7:00 PM

Christ with the two thieves
Fra Angelico, 1400-1455

Jesus hangs on the cross from noon until 3 PM. At 3 PM on Good Friday, He dies.

The Good Friday service recalls the fear of the disciples, the agony of Christ, and his burial in the tomb. With devotions to the cross, we recall his sacrifice for each of us, remembering the high cost of God’s Love.

The Entombment of Christ
Le Nain, Mathieu, 1607-1677

Holy Saturday – 10:30 AM

On the Sabbath (Saturday), Jesus’ body lay in the tomb. The Apostles and disciples are hiding in grief and fear.

In this very short service we recall the temporary resting place for his body and our darkness as we await the Easter word.

He is Risen
Qi He

Easter Vigil – Saturday at 7:00 PM

The great Feast of the Resurrection begins Saturday night with the most ancient of services. We light the Easter fire for the Paschal Candle and grow from darkness to the light of the Easter Acclamation.

Easter Sunday – 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 AM & 5:00 PM

Sunday we continue to celebrate the Risen Lord, remembering that after this Easter Sunday every Sunday becomes a little Easter.

Easter lasts for 50 days!

I pray you all can attend as much of Holy Week as you can. It will make Easter more joyous and meaningful. The Holy Week service schedule can be found on our website, www.trinitywoodlands.org or visit our Facebook page for more information.