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Have You Seen A Bear In A Pew Recently?

bear-1These are the newest additions to our Trinity family. You will find a bear in every pew. Available for hugging.

Attached to each bear is this message: This little BEAR has spent time in the midst of our congregation. It has heard the scriptures read, sermons preached, prayers prayed and songs of praise sung. It knows both the joys and the heartaches of our people, and has been surrounded by the love so freely shared by our community of faith.

untitledIt comes to offer you COMFORT and PEACE with all the blessings of worship and LOVE.


It turns out that Susan Mayer is the person behind this caring ministry. Here is her story:

My best friend is a grandmother of three small children and she was telling me about this bear that ‘stays at Nana’s house,’ and if any of the grandkids had a meltdown, this bear was there to comfort them.  They named him Duncan.  Turns out that my friend’s aunt introduced these bears to her church in Camden, TN.  The aunt is now 90!

When my friend showed me the bear and his label it just seemed something we needed at Trinity, especially since we are in a season of discord in our national life.

My thoughts for the bears are that they are for anyone who needs comfort.  Someone who comes alone to church; perhaps shut ins; and of course, the little tikes.  As they are taken, I intend to replace them.  If anyone wants to contribute a new or gently used bear it would be appreciated.

It makes me happy that people are enjoying them.


Susan Mayer

Thank you, Susan, for sharing the love of Christ so freely, and in such an imaginative way!