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Holy Spirit Moments in Costa Rica — by Alyssa Stebbing

In June, 16 teenagers and five adults (over 21) went on a pilgrimage to Costa Rica, a diocese in partnership with the Diocese of Texas. Todos Los Santos is the church Trinity has partnered with, and Fr. Orlando Gomez Segura is the resident priest. Trinity parishioner Dulce Schuyler was a member of Todos Los Santos before she came to the United States, and it has been in her heart for many years to give back to the church that gave so much to her.

We call it a pilgrimage because to go on a pilgrimage is to go to a sacred place expecting to have an encounter with God. So, at the end of each day, we asked each other: “How was God revealed to you today?” “Where did you see Jesus?”

Several of the youth had some Holy Spirit moments. One feels a call to discern the priesthood, another young lady started crying during a sermon in another language she didn’t understand, but she did understand the movement of the Holy Spirit. A young man took leadership in offering to pray morning prayer several times when everyone else was too tired, and yet another young man responded by taking the lead on work and connecting with the people by building relationship.

Those are just some examples of how the Spirit works on pilgrimage, for each and every participant had a meaningful encounter in working with our friends in Costa Rica, walking together to build the community of God that crosses barriers of language and national boundaries. Plus, these youth know how to work hard AND have fun!

I am thankful that Trinity that can offer these transformational moments in the lives of our youth. I am so proud of the youth we have who show up, and are willing to be uncomfortable in order to grow in faith with God and one another.

So, where did you see Jesus today?