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How Trinity is Making A Difference – by Bill Hawkins

I’ve been attending Trinity for 2.5 years and normally worship at the 7:30 AM service. When I joined Trinity, I was 60 years old. I’d led a good life. I was doing well professionally. I was a lawyer, which was a long way from being the busboy/dishwasher I was as a college senior.

Financially, I was doing well. I was no longer making $1.25 an hour as that busboy/dishwasher. I was an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County. My career had given me a sense of personal satisfaction; I felt like a contributing member of society, putting away very dangerous people where they could not hurt others.

Personally, things could not have been better. I had been married to Donna, a beautiful, sweet and wonderful woman for 10 years. Everyone, including me, knows she is way too good for me.

Yet there was something missing. I was an Easter/Christmas Catholic, only going to church for Easter and Christmas services with my wife’s family. There was this empty place inside me. I had tried other churches and they were not for me, either because I felt like I did not exist while there or the church’s doctrine was not a good fit.

And then I came to Trinity.

I attended the 7:30 service, and when it was over, I was only a few steps down the aisle when I was welcomed with open arms by Tim and Cindy Nutt. Bill Carter did the same thing in the Narthex and for the first time in my life I felt like I found the church God wanted me to belong to.

So began my spiritual journey. I feel like the friends I have made at Trinity and Father Gerry, Mother Vivian, and Father Sean have held my hand and led me to the spiritual path that God has created for me.

Trinity has made a life altering difference for me. I have been baptized here. This winter I look forward to being confirmed at Trinity. The people and clergy at Trinity have led me to the spiritual path that God created for me, I realize that I can only say that because making a difference is a way of life at Trinity!