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How Trinity is Making A Difference, by John Miller

It’s hard to believe but my family has been intertwined with Trinity for just over a decade now.

With ten years of raising two teenage boys here at Trinity I could give you a stream of large and small examples of how Trinity has made a difference in our lives. Instead I’ll share just one. Two years ago this week we came very close to losing my wife, Barbara.

She had been very sick. That night in October 2014 I tucked her in and gave her a kiss good night. Five hours later I woke up to discover that her heart had stopped. The right events at the right time—CPR, first-responders—got her through that night. Very quickly we would realize that Barbara had suffered an anoxic brain injury, effecting her ability to properly form short term memories.

Over the next weeks and months of her recovery the entire family would also be impacted. The boys’ academics suffered dramatically and I would walk away from a small business I helped create. As she has recovered these two years I can tell you that the challenges are daily and unrelenting.

Of our experience I can say this—it was more terrifying than you would want to know, harder than it sounds, and today more exhausting than I would like to admit.

Even with this mighty challenge Trinity has made a difference. In the hospital I picked up the prayer “St. Patrick’s Breastplate”—a prayer for much-needed strength. “Christ with me. Christ before me. Christ behind me.” The idea of being wrapped in Christ’s love and protection was comforting but I was not sure if the prayer was ready to be answered. As it turned out, the ministries of Trinity were the answers to this prayer, supported through your stewardship. You became Christ’s armor for us.

You gave of your time by providing rides for Barbara to get to therapy. You gave of your talents—making meals, doing our laundry, bringing us the Eucharist in the hospital. And your financial giving has been critical. It supported the nine ministries that held us up during this time. Your financial gifts also supported our clergy who provided close-in support in the ER and the ICU. Your gifts also support the ministry of Molly Carr who answered the phone at 4:30 AM with a confident “Hey John” when I had nobody else to call the morning this all started.

Thank you for what you have done. Please continue to give. Others in our church and our community need the support you can provide. Be the armor to those that need the strength of your blessings.