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How Trinity Is Making A Difference — by Ursula Carr

I am Ursula Carr. I am 18 years old. I was born in Eagle Pass, Texas into a large family. My 8 siblings and I were a great source of love and comfort to each other in our otherwise chaotic lives. My birth parents were never around, and I was unable to develop a loving, trusting relationship with them. Since that time, I have learned that it is hard for me to be a young healthy adult, because I never created this kind of bond as a young child.

I was placed in foster care at the age of three. From then until I was adopted at the age 8, I was in and out of many foster homes. During my years as a foster child, I experienced more trauma that further kept me from trusting adults. By the time my mom adopted me, I was a scared little girl. I was unable to trust this woman I’m supposed to call mom.

When I first came to Trinity, I had a welcome home shower. It was there that I met the Nutt, Stokes, Salmon, Byrd, the Black, Hearne and Filkowski families. Right away, I knew this was a special place. I felt welcomed, loved, and accepted, and they didn’t even know me, or how much of a handful I was going to be.

One of the most important people who had an impact on my life was Jeanne Millspaugh. I referred to her as Aunt Jeannie. I was a scared 8 year-old girl living in my seventh house, but I would go into Tia Jeannie’s office and feel safe and happy with her. I would eat her white lifesaver mints and hide under her desk. Even though she has passed on, I know that she is still looking out for me and loves me.

The other teenagers at this church are like brothers and sisters to me. We have grown up together. I know they can trust me, and I can trust them. It doesn’t matter if we are at coffee talk, community, mission trips or Camp Allen, we are family. It doesn’t matter if we go to different schools or live in different houses, we are family. We know we can depend on each other.

Thank you for supporting me and the other teenagers at Trinity. Your generosity helps us to continue to build strong bonds of trust and love as a family.