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MAD Camp, Behind the Scenes, by Joella Tompkins

Music, Art, and Drama Camp was last month at Trinity, and it was a great success. Today’s post covers the thoughts, anticipations, energies, performance, and memories from helper and grandmother of two campers, Joella Tompkins. Enjoy!

DAY ONE – So many returning campers, but SURPRISE! A total of 26 signed on for the fun and learning, all eager and nervous and looking to have a good time!

I was given the task of helping the drama segments and creating costumes. What a great acting coach/ director, Robert, was there to guide the youngsters in learning their lines, projecting their voices, and creating their characters. They had so much fun in doing that – they seemed to be oblivious to the hard work they were really doing. Those campers with roles having multiple lines jumped right in and learned them before dress rehearsal. And Robert’s perceptive ability to involve the “Cast” in improvisation games at just the time they might have slipped off task was a treat for me to watch!

DAY TWO – campers and staff continued the rehearsals, art activities, and music practice. I still hadn’t got an idea what they were doing during the Stomp sessions – led by Jack B. I found out later! I wasn’t panic-stricken about the costumes … yet. Molly provided fantastic devotionals helping the campers understand more fully the God connection within the story of Joseph.

DAY THREE – What’s this? Micki has the children singing in three part harmony? I knew she was good, but this was A-Mazing! And, she bought the staff lunch! I got to know the art coach and other helpers during our lunches. Panic creeping up about the costumes… the good kind that gives one UMPH to get going on the costuming at hand.

DAY FOUR – Lines mostly learned- anticipation palpable. Costume panic set in; thank God for fellow grandma San West who jumped in and helped to get them finished. And thanks to Molly Carr for sharing some costumes used in the yearly “No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant”. Art projects finishing up.

DAY FIVE – Full rehearsal without costumes in the morning. Oh, THAT’S what STOMP is! Percussion from everyday objects! Easily learned and well-performed. And with San’s help, costumes finished and onstage for the performers. The dress rehearsal after lunch went well; drama, choreography, vocal music, and STOMP came together, with the cast able to change their costumes and props on cue! Everyone was full of anticipation for the performance Friday evening; hope for a full audience to watch the youngsters perform the story of Joseph.

DAY SIX, FRIDAY NIGHT: Presentation of the musical

PACKED HOUSE! Spillover into the adjacent meeting rooms!

Of course this grandma was very proud of her two, as were all family members of campers who were there. Many parishioners also came!

I came away full of joy, admiration, and, I confess, pride in the fellowship of the staff, the talent of the children, and the faith enhanced in us all!