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Making A Difference On The Trinity Campus

A special shout out to all who contributed their time, talent, and / or treasure to making a difference in our parish gardens on May 15th.  There were 19 parishioners who participated. Mainly, we focused on pulling weeds and trimming shrubs. Some mulch was also added to some of the flower beds.  We would love to add more mulch to all of the flower beds. This helps to hold moisture and also keep the weeds more controlled.

Others have signed up to adopt a garden since the May garden clean up event. Of course, more is to be done in order to further improve our campus gardens.  In fact, planning is in process now for a fall garden clean up and planting day.  Please watch The Tidings and Facebook page for the date.  Cooler fall temperatures are best for planting new plants and tolerating being outdoors.

Any groups or individuals who have adopted a garden may certainly work in their area any time that is convenient for them.  The focus is on community and taking ownership in our campus. Together we can make a difference! It will be wonderful for anyone walking on our campus to see that we take pride in this outdoor space.

Contact Tana Key at peterandtana@gmail.com to sign up to adopt a garden, offer a donation, or inquire about assisting in the gardens when your schedule allows. You do not have to commit to adopting a garden space if you are not able. You can sign up for a specific task as well.  Food, mulch, and supplies may be requested items for the fall gardening day.  There are many ways to help.