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Ministry in a Minute, by Bill Carter: Montgomery County Jail

I am pleased to represent Trinity’s ministry to the Montgomery County Jail. Trinity is one of the area churches that is sending men and women to work out of the Chaplain’s Office. There are about 25 volunteers who are doing a variety of ministries such as leading Bible studies, conducting church services, baptisms, and so forth. Charlie Brown, Steve Isphording and I go weekly to the jail to hand out Bibles, Christian literature, pray with individual and groups, and offer spiritual guidance. We join several others, including a Catholic volunteer, and a woman who ministers to female inmates.

There are about 1200 inmates, both men and women, as well as a significant number who only speak Spanish. This is a huge facility and it certainly doesn’t fit your image of the Barney Fife county jail.

We need your help and continued support. While the number of volunteers is currently frozen because of limited space, we continue to need your donations of Christian books and Bibles. There is a Book Box conveniently located in front of the Millspaugh Room for these donations. Also, any offerings designated for the Jail Ministry are used to purchase books and Bibles. More importantly, we need your prayers for this ministry, the jail staff, and the inmates. Further, if you think you might want to write an encouraging letter to an inmate, we can provide an easy and safe means to do that.

I have been doing this ministry for the past 17 years and I am constantly amazed how God is working in the lives of these men and women. Of course, there is what is called “jail house religion,” but mostly we are dealing with people who are truly interested in changing their lives.

I would like to read one of the many letters we have received from inmates:

Dear Gentlemen,

Myself and so many others are blessed and grateful for the presence of you and the other Chaplains here in the jail. I’m truly thankful to be armed with the good news and knowledge that y’all make available. Making it possible for me and men like to help lead others to Christ in such a dark place. My thirst for the understanding of God’s loving wisdom continues to grow every day, so much that my cup overflows and somehow I find a larger one to start filling up that I didn’t know existed before. The CRAZY part is that it seems to have become the size of an Olympic swimming pool…. Thank you all so much for being available for God’s work on the front line…..

                                    Your humble servant in Christ, Chris

Again thank you for your continued support. I will be out front if you would like to discuss further.