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Ministry in a Minute — Communications

Our mission in communications is twofold: one, to ensure that everyone in the parish knows what is happening at Trinity, all the special events, ministries, and news of our community life; and two, to let the larger community, especially people looking for a church home, know what Trinity is all about. These are not necessarily in priority order, because the two efforts feed each other. A vibrant community life is an important feature for many people who are looking for a church, and you can’t be involved in things you don’t know about to make the community vibrant. It’s a not so vicious circle.

With the help of the communications team and the Trinity staff, Communications handles the Weekly Tidings, emails, social media, all online and traditional advertising, post cards, the Trinity website, flyers and signs around the church campus, Sunday announcements, and our membership in the chamber of commerce.

This year has been eventful already. We have a completely new website, which I worked on as a volunteer and which went live just before I joined the staff. It is very different from the old one. We learned by analyzing the traffic to our site that most of our visitors were new ones, and the second most-visited page on our site is the page “Why Do Episcopalians Do That,” which addresses what people will experience when they come to worship with us. The new site addresses the need of new people to know who we are, while still offering features like the sermons and newsletters and blogs from the home page, for our congregation.

We are working hard to keep our communications efforts evolving. We have changed the color of the Tidings to make it easier to read. This month, we will begin posting on our blog once a week. We hope to produce a video for our website home page that will present the lively community that we love to visitors to our site. Some of our ongoing print materials could get a new design.

We could not do any of this without the support that you provide. We believe that we carry the message of Trinity’s love and mission both here and beyond, and we thank you so much for your support.

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