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Ministry in a Minute — Trinity Kids Corner

Leah Robilotto-Bass gave us a glowing account of her appreciation for the Trinity Kids Corner at all four services Sunday for the March Ministry in a Minute. The text of her remarks is below.

“Like many of you, my husband and I did not grow up in Texas but are now raising two little Texans.

“When it was time to pick a program for our son Miles to attend a few days a week to be with other kids and get ready for kindergarten, I really didn’t know where to look.

“I was blessed that a co-worker recommended Trinity Kids Corner. Like many first time moms, I couldn’t imagine dropping my baby off and walking away. However, Miles happily waved bye-bye to me as I went to my car in tears.

“While this may seem like the same story every mom of a two- or three-year-old tells, the decision to leave Miles was heightened because of his severe food allergies. Anyone who cares for Miles has to be vigilant: if he ingests any of the seven categories of food he is allergic to, he will stop breathing within 15 seconds.

“After meeting Liz, Amanda and all the teachers, I can tell you they all care for each child as if they were their own. On top of being amazing, creative, patient and loving caregivers to our children, they extend the same to us as families.

“Our youngest, Graham, is four and loves every minute of his time at TKC. I can tell you that his teachers are better singers than I am. Both of my boys will be returning to the summer program and enjoy the parents’ nights out almost as much as we do!

“Through illness, job losses, and heartbreak, they have been our support system. Our nearest family is on the East Coast. Whenever we need a prayer, a hug or a helping hand, TKC has been a second family. What is even better about them is there is no fighting at Thanksgiving over the last piece of pie!”

If you’d like more information about Trinity Kids Corner, contact Liz Johnson at ljohnson@trinitywoodlands.org.