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Moving Forward on Trinity Tomorrow

As Fr. Gerry said in his annual address on January 15:

“We are a force for good. We are a community living in the kingdom of God. But the power within this parish lies in the hands of God and in our faithfulness to that God. We are not our own, we belong to Christ, and as Christ’s own people we must serve the God who created us as a parish.” 

We believe that the God who created us as a parish calls us now to build on the faith of the parish for the future of our children.

Our plans for the new children and youth building are progressing very well. You can stop by Butler Fellowship Hall today to see the latest detailed drawings of the new building. The schedule calls for the atrium building to be demolished in June of this year, and for the new building to be complete in March of 2018.

On Saturday, January 21, the Trinity Tomorrow Building Committee kicked off the Supplemental Capital Campaign with a goal to raise an additional $1.1 million to bridge the gap of our current pledge total for the cost of the children and youth building.

They are asking existing pledgers to extend their pledge for an additional 16 months, from June 2018 to October 2019.  In addition, they are asking new families to Trinity since the initial campaign began, and those that were not in a position to pledge before, to prayerfully consider pledging to the supplemental campaign, matching the existing pledgers extension of 16 months.

As you consider donating to this campaign or extending an existing pledge, consider the testimonial of Ann Herbek, our Senior Warden:

“I too, made my pledge but with reservations and some misgivings. I didn’t really know the individuals who were working on this endeavor and I was concerned about how carefully they would handle my pledge money, small amount though it is. And, I was also concerned about how we would be able to pay for repairs to the current buildings, which happen often and are expensive.

“In December of 2016 Father Gerry asked me if I would take over the Senior Warden’s position. Since then I have been attending meetings, reading reports, and talking with past Senior Wardens about Trinity Tomorrow. The people who are leading this effort have spent much time to bring me up to speed. They have reviewed the decision-making processes, and how many and what bids they received on the work to be done.

“I am no longer a skeptic but an enthusiastic supporter of this project, and I am totally impressed with the care and effort, along with wise council, being put into ensuring we will have a building which will meet and exceed the needs of the children and youth of today and the future. 

“I ask for God’s blessings on this project and I know you do, too.” 

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Trinity Tomorrow Steering Committee-Stoney Cox, Gary Underwood, Brent Stokes, Roger Sykes, and Steve Isphording.