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My Christian Walk, by Laura Valenciano

I came to be an Episcopalian first as a soprano section leader in the Trinity Choir, then as a choir member and later, Lector. I have continued on my journey in the Trinity Choir and as a Lector. I have recently begun to serve as LEM after a few months of prayer. I feel that God has given me many gifts to share by serving in different capacities in the church. The more I serve and the longer I serve, the closer I have become to God. I have searched many religions and churches. I feel that I have been called to be Episcopalian, and was confirmed  in 2015. I have only been called to two churches; Christ Church Episcopal Laredo and Trinity Episcopal Church The Woodlands. Trinity is one of a handful of places where I can say that the Holy Spirit is alive and thriving! I have experienced the greatest joy and honor in holding the Gospel when it’s being read while I’m serving as LEM at the 5:00 pm service. I am proud to be a member of Trinity and I LOVE having the privilege to serve God with clergy who are truly gifted and a blessing to me and my family. I also appreciate being welcomed by kind parishioners every time I attend services.
Laura Hayes Valenciano