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September Ministry in a Minute, by Brenda Yeager

My family and I moved here from California 6 years ago and started attending Trinity a year later.  We didn’t know anyone but we had “our spot.”

In the past, we were always involved in our church as volunteers.  We had a “church family.”  But here, that wasn’t the case, due to our home life being pretty unpredictable.

Finally, a little over two years ago my husband and I decided to join an usher team as a couple.  We hoped we would be able to make the small commitment of ushering every third Sunday.

Who would’ve thought that doing that one small task once a month would give me a little bit of heaven?  You see, I felt like my life was a living hell. Before I begin, I want you to know that I’ve been given permission by my daughter to share our story.

Our move here was not good.  Shortly after we got here, we found out that our daughter had developed an eating disorder at the age of 9. When we came to Texas she was close to 13.  We got her lots of help but it still wasn’t enough to keep her from trying to end her life almost 4.5 years ago.  It was on a very early Sunday morning that I found her barely alive.  To be honest, I don’t know how she survived, but Mother Genevieve came to the hospital twice that day and prayed over her.

I felt very alone and isolated during that time and the days that followed.  I beat myself up thinking I did something wrong as a parent. I felt I couldn’t tell anyone for fear of shame and judgement.

Last year, unfortunately was still a bad time for our daughter.  She had turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope and control her weight.  She tried to commit suicide 3 more times. She didn’t think she was good enough in anyone’s eye, including her own, even God’s.

However, this time I wasn’t so alone.  That first Sunday that we ushered, I met the amazing Mr. James Barron.  He was great medicine for me and got me laughing, something I didn’t do all that much.  James thought that he had the better usher team, but of course, I let him know that our team, headed by the wonderful Royal Haggarty, was the best! From that point on, many of you surrounded us with laughter, hugs, prayer, hope and faith when I, personally, didn’t think I had any.

After reaching the milestone of one year in her recovery this past August, Lily now 19, lives with a roommate in Florida, graduated high school with honors, and has a successful job, helping others.  She still struggles but she’s fighting to keep listening to God.

Thank you to all of you who pray for her, especially every Sunday, and for embracing us. And while it might sound trite, I have no choice but to live ONE DAY AT A TIME  and with the words I learned from my sweet Lily, Soli Deo Gloria, a Latin term for “Glory to God alone.”