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Sharing the Love of Christ in Zambia — by Chloe Castro


We are always grateful for stories of personal transformation through service to others. This amazing testimony comes from Chloe Castro, and we thank her for her work and for sharing it with us. — mm

I always heard those stories about how mission trips change people, but I never really understood what they meant until I was the one who experienced it. In early June, my mom and I went to Zambia, Africa on a mission trip called CampLife. CampLife is a program started by an organization called Family Legacy (Family Legacy is a unique, Christian organization seeking to build a new generation in Zambia who are educated and have Jesus in their lives). CampLife is similar to a VBS program. Every day started out with busloads of excited kids brought up from the slums, arriving to the hilltop haven, where Family Legacy has its facilities. Each American attending CampLife had 10 kids to love and show God to for the whole week (I just happened to have the smallest girls in the whole camp that week. They were super adorable!) This gave each American time to get to know their kids. The theme was “God is My Father and He Loves Me.” This was a great theme, since most of these kids do not have a dad or a good fatherly figure in their lives.

Getting to tell my little girls that God is their Father and how much He loves them was amazing! A lot of the kids were never told they are loved by anyone. We sang, danced, and worshipped God every day. It was great seeing my little girls jumping around and worshipping the Lord with their whole hearts. I really got to know my girls during the week. Most of them were being beaten, and none of them were eating enough food. Most of the kids have “two” meals a day: one meal being tea. Their houses are the same size as closets or small rooms. In spite of these things, the girls were able to form a super strong faith in a matter of days. My favorite day of Camp Life was when we went out into the slums with our kids, so they could evangelize. All of the kids swarmed across their village, telling everyone they saw how much God loves them. I even got to share the Lord to a woman and her children. The people were so receptive, and many accepted Christ that day. It was touching to see how God was using “the least of these” to spread His love.

These kids have so much life in them, even though their lives may seem like hell. One of my girls, Cecilia, said her mom breaks plates on her head. Elina is so thin that her legs are thinner than my wrist. It was heartbreaking to hear their stories, but there is a way for these kids to have hope. You can sponsor a child. It is only $48 per month for a child to have lunch, a uniform, and a Christian education. You can also write letters to your child. I am asking our amazing church community to help these children of God. If you feel God is calling you to give a child hope, I will be more than happy to help you (I personally know each of them). If you have any questions or want to sponsor a child, please contact me at chloe.castro@ymail.com.