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Step Up and Pledge for God, by John Miller

Editor’s Note: Our own John Miller offered his personal blog to us this week, and what a bold one it is. He was moved by his love of Trinity to publish his own urgent call to all of us to turn in our giving cards and make a commitment to our ministries.  The full text of his post is included below.  Follow this link to his blog, too, so you can see this article as well as others. Thank you, John, for your great faithfulness.

Stand Up and Pledge for God

I feel now is just the ideal time to do good things, don’t you? Then why won’t we?

I won’t mask that this is a specific appeal to my fellow Trinitarians and Episcopalians. For those of you who don’t know it’s Stewardship Season. This is when we, as a church, remind ourselves that there is deep need out there and we have the ability and capability to meet it as members of this large, loving Christian community. We are then asked to make a pledge as to how much we will give financially in the coming year. Every year it just a little bit harder to get those pledge cards back. But why?

Churches are organizations. Organizations need money in order to do what they do best. In order to do their best churches need a plan. They need a budget. It’s really hard to budget when you don’t know what’s coming in. Try planning a budget for your household without knowing what your income will be and you’ll see what an impossible task this is. Without sending in our pledge cards we are asking our churches to help others without a clear idea of what they’ll be able to do.

People need our help and they won’t get it unless we do something. Yes the government can help. But really gang? There’s a reason why the old joke “I’m with the government and I’m here to help you” is still an oldie but a goody. As far as I am concerned our churches are the most cost-efficient ways to deliver help to those who need it, thanks to a large, engaged volunteer effort. Nobody does it with more heart either.

Let’s do something to help our churches do their best to help others. Let’s make a pledge for 2017. So what’s getting in the way? Fear? Face it down. Uncertainty in your life? Bring something concrete to chaos. Bleak financial future? A monthly $20 gift can do a lot of good. Maybe pledging is “old school” and out-dated? Giving gifts never goes out of style.

Make a commitment to help and you will help our church know how much they can help others.

— John Miller