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Trinity Tomorrow Update, by Randy Redd

Our Faith, Their Future

This update comes from the Trinity Tomorrow Committee on the status of our project to create a new building for children and youth. Randy Redd delivered this important message at all 4 services on Sunday, January 8.

“Our project has been moving forward since last year and has now reached the point where we have detailed design drawings that allow for an accurate estimate of construction cost.  When we began our Capital Campaign in 2015, our construction cost estimate was $4.5 million; our estimate today is $3.5 million.  This is a considerable improvement and, in my experience with building projects, an unusually good outcome.  With the combined efforts of our church staff, volunteer parishioners, our clergy, our architects, and a first class contractor, we were able to create a design that fits our campus, meets our master plan, and meets the needs of our children and youth for the future.  It is our faith, but their future.

“If we continue on our schedule, construction will start in June of this year and be completed roughly March of next year.  Between now and then, we have to finalize our construction and financing plans, with a focus on financing.  Our capital campaign last year generated pledges of $2.4 million, and I am happy to report that we are still on track to achieve that goal in the three-year commitment period.  The generosity of the parish is very welcome, and your support has allowed us to move the project forward to this point.

“But $2.4 million is not $3.5 million, and changes to the building design to close this gap would significantly shrink its size, make future expansions cost prohibitive, and would not meet the need for a safe, effective space for our children and youth.  For this reason, the Trinity Tomorrow Committee, with the approval of the Vestry, is asking you to consider your financial situation and the needs of the parish in helping to close this gap.

“If you have already pledged, we are asking you to consider extending your pledge past the original 36-month commitment.  If you did not pledge, we ask that you consider making one, over time, that helps move us closer to completing this project.

“There will be more details on the project and its financial needs presented to you over the next few weeks.  But in the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact me or any member of the Trinity Tomorrow Committee or the Vestry.

“Thank you again for your generosity, which has brought us to this point, and I look forward to working together to take the first step toward our new future as a parish.”