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Trinity Tomorrow Update, by Randy Redd

We’re happy to present here the text of Randy Redd’s Trinity Tomorrow update, delivered at all 4 services last Sunday. Thanks Randy! 

This is an update on the progress we have made in realizing the first step of the Trinity Tomorrow master plan. That is, replacing the Atrium Building with a new building designed for the children and youth of the parish.

Our recent capital campaigns generated pledges totaling $2.9 million, and I am happy to report that we are on track to achieve that goal within the commitment period. The generosity of the parish is very welcome, and this support both drives the improvements we all want to see and gives us the ability to make them. However, I have to use this opportunity to say that if you are new to the parish and missed the campaign, or did not pledge to a level that is appropriate for you today, please contact me, or any member of the Vestry, and we would be glad to work with you.

A significant parish project like this, done correctly, requires a clear vision of the project goals, how they fit with the overall mission of the parish, and is tailored to the financial resources available. Unlike a business or personal construction project, this involves more people and lots of discernment to get right, and so can take more time than you want. But we are coming to the point where an old building is knocked down and a new one goes up. As you can see from the pictures now displayed in Butler Hall, we have a design that meets our objective to focus on the needs of our children and youth, fits with the ambiance of our campus, and stays within our financial requirements. Amanda Boling, Alyssa Stebbing, and others on our parish staff and in the congregation have been involved all throughout this process to ensure the building will meet our children’s needs, and we owe them much for their time and ideas.

The next gate we have to pass through is a meeting of the Diocesan Corporation on December 7th. This group approves changes and additions to church property and will examine our financial plan, our building design, and our construction contracts prior to granting approval to proceed. They are aware of our project and we have kept the Diocese informed of our progress, but between now and then we must complete negotiations on our construction contracts and construction financing package and have them approved by your Vestry. The Trinity Tomorrow Committee believes this is a tight but achievable timeline and is working all these issues simultaneously.

Once Diocesan approval is granted, the Parish can immediately proceed to demolition and reconstruction. This can take a few weeks to organize, and our intention is to begin work as soon as possible, so we will begin as soon as we can in 2018. I know that for certain people, especially seven-year-old boys and some volunteers with our youth that have used the Atrium, demolition will be the most exciting part of the process. But that will take just a short time, and construction will likely continue into early 2019 before the building is ready for occupancy.

Thank you again for your support in this process, whether it has been financial, through prayer, or by volunteering your time and talent. When we finish, I know we will have a new addition to the parish that will make us proud.

If you have questions, please contact any member of the Trinity Tomorrow Steering Committee: Randy Redd, Stoney Cox, Gary Underwood, Roger Sykes, Richard Bosley, Ann Herbek, and Steve Isphording.