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We are an Easter People! Alleluia!

A special Easter message from Fr. Gerry.

With shouts of Alleluias, songs of resurrection, and baptizing new souls into the Body of Christ we welcomed the new Easter season. The season of Lent is over and new life is celebrated.

For the next fifty days we will live and breathe Easter. We will hear stories of Jesus’ appearances and the power of the Easter event to bring us home to God. We will shout double “Alleluias” for those fifty days and rejoice that sin and death are no longer to be feared.

The victory over sin and death changes us it changes the universe. We are members of that event through our baptism and faith in Jesus, the resurrected one. The Resurrection is the sign that life is God’s will for all creation.

Because we are Easter people we know that those who have died in Christ are now enjoying an Easter banquet with Jesus as the host of the table. We know that the table we share on Sunday morning is a foretaste and a sharing in that heavenly banquet with those who have died – and yet live.

Death has no victory over us; alienation from God, from life, and from peace is eradicated by the unifying power of that morning on the “first day of the week” 2,000 years ago. This is the power of God to bring life out of death and joy out of sadness.

As Easter people we know that we have seasons of struggle but Jesus walks with us through the “little deaths” and brings us once again into the light of God’s grace and love. We are a people who live in a hope that does not disappoint, for we know what is to come.

As Easter people, we have a message that evil will not have the final word. Hate, prejudice, and drive for power and dominion over others will not survive. As Easter people we trust that God has the last word and that word is “Love”.

Let us come together during these fifty days and celebrate the Resurrection and that, through baptism, we are made an Easter People. We have past from death to life, darkness to light, and from tears to shouts of Alleluia, Alleluia!



Father Gerry+