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Youth Community at Trinity — Ministry in a Minute

Last Sunday, we were blessed with this Ministry in a Minute talk from Abby Choate and Owen Velkoff, who told us about their experience in Trinity’s Youth Community. We are so proud of these students who are learning about and committing themselves to a life of faith and the practice of generosity! 


We are up here today to talk to you all about Community, the youth group program here at Trinity. Community is a program that’s open to all students in 7th through 12th grade.  We meet on Sunday nights from 6-8 pm during the school year, starting on September 9th.

We and many of our friends have been a part of Community since we were able to come, and here are some of the reasons we love it so much:


Community is a great place to grow in faith. Near the end of every weekly meeting, we have a Bible study or interactive discussion that brings us together and helps deepen our knowledge of Christianity.


Community builds lifelong relationships. In community, you can meet new people and form new friendships as well as keep up with the friends you’ve already made. These relationships are strengthened through meeting every week as well as seeing each other at church-sponsored events, such as pilgrimmages and summer camp.


Community is fun. Every week we play a game together such as kickball, ghost tag, Miss Tracy’s dodgeball, or the Thanksgiving classic, Turkey Bowling. Outside of weekly meetings, many community members also have fun at Camp Allen or on pilgrimmages to places such as Costa Rica or Corpus Christi.


As a final added bonus, every Community meeting starts off with a delicious meal hand-prepared by volunteers.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting Community, especially the volunteers and youth leaders who do so much for us. We hope to see some new faces on Sunday, September 9, at 6:00 p.m in Butler Fellowship Hall.

Thank you.