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2018 Annual Giving Campaign

Jesus asks his Church to make a difference through prayer, faith formation, and service to others. This is what our ministries do. He made himself available to teach, heal, pray, and eat with others. This we should do in His name.

There was a time when survival was all we hoped for. Those days are long past. Today we thrive and deepen our faith and the practice of that faith. We make a difference as we reach out to those in need: the sick, lonely, the hurting, the hungry, and the dying. We make a difference in our ministry of forgiveness and love, of pastoral care. We are not afraid to try new things for the sake of Christ – be that St. Isidore’s, Jr. Daughters, Jr. Brothers, embracing the new technologies and means of communication, finding better ways to serve our children and youth, our new members, and those who visit us on Sunday. We are making a difference in the lives of so many people for the sake of Christ and the Gospel of God’s Kingdom.

We enter new possibilities with our Trinity Tomorrow campaign progressing and Fr. Frank exploring children and family formation curriculum. We walk this path as a Church – Jesus’ Church.

Financial support of parish ministries is a sign of a congregation’s health and faith. As we enter this time of prayer and decision concerning our financial expression of faith and commitment, please help to make a difference in 2018 with a faith-based approach to how much you decide to give to the parish ministries.

Come: make a difference with what you decide to give the ministry budget. Without the support of each member we cannot do all Jesus asks of us.

Your financial commitment a powerful means of making a difference in the lives of thousands of souls.