Micki Balog

Micki has been responsible for all things music related at Trinity since May of 2010. That includes the choir, handbells, MadriGals, MADD Camp, CMG, Instrumentalists, and the Ukulele Ensemble. She also serves as organist and accompanist and is responsible for all music selection.

Prior to joining Trinity, Micki was music associate at Kingwood United Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church in Houston, and Music Director at Holy Covenant United Methodist Church in Carrollton, Texas.

Micki grew up in Ft. Worth and moved to Kingwood in 1999, where she lives with her family.

Other than music, Micki enjoys sewing, playing with her dogs, cooking, and baking. As any Trinity staff member can tell you, her cooking and baking skills are top-notch, making her frequently responsible for highly elevated calorie counts at staff meetings.