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Trinity Yearly Registration Form

(for children and youth)

Please fill out the Yearly Registration Form.  This form is good for one year and for all activities your child or youth participate in with Trinity Episcopal Church. Fields marked with a * are required.


Note: Prescribed medications must be in original pharmacy container with the correct name, date, instructions and physicians name on label. Over the counter medications must be in original container and have dosage information clearly printed on container. The event leader will keep and distribute all medications during the event.

My child, who I have listed above, has my permission to attend and participate in activities sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and/or Trinity Episcopal Church. I represent that my child is healthy and capable of participating without causing risk of danger, illness or accident to him/herself, or to others. I agree to hold harmless the leaders of my church, the leaders of other churches involved, the event coordinators, ministry leaders, the Bishop of Texas, and the Diocese of Texas in the event of any accident or injury.

In the event that my child requires medical attention while attending a meeting or event, I understand that an adult sponsor of the event will make every reasonable attempt to contact me. In the event that I cannot be contacted, I consent to any medical attention deemed appropriate.

In the event that treatment is called for, which the medical provider refuses to administer without consent, I hereby authorize an adult sponsor to give such consent for me if I cannot be contacted immediately or, because of an emergency, there is no time or opportunity to make contact. In the event that it is necessary for that person to give consent, I agree to hold such person free and harmless of any liability for damages arising from giving such consent. I declare that my child is covered by medical insurance and/or that I am responsible for any and all expenses incurred by my child whether covered under insurance or not.


As parent/legal guardian, I understand that promotional pictures and videos (individual and group) may be taken during activities sponsored by Trinity Episcopal Church. I give permission for my son’s/daughter’s picture to be used for promotional materials (newsletter, web page, calendars, power point, video, social media, etc.) in highlighting events.

Thank You!
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