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Feast Day of Pentecost

Sunday, May 19th was the Feast Day of Pentecost. It was the day all things changed.


It is the time we remember the Holy Spirit descending upon the Apostles and disciples in the upper Room. It is also the day we celebrate the birth of the Church…Our birth.


We hear the story in the reading from The Acts of the Apostles and Paul speaks to the Spirit helping us in our weakness, assisting us to pray when we do not know how or are having difficulty finding the words. We learn that the Spirit within us intercedes for us in the manner fitting God’s will.


In the Gospel, Jesus speaks of sending us the Advocate. In Greek it means “one who walks along side,” comforter, and counselor. The Spirit that teaches us and speaks God’s truth to our heart, soul, and mind. 


The Spirit is all around and gifted to us in our baptism. The Spirit binds us into the Body of Christ. The spirit enlivens and graces all that is around us.


The Spirit hovers over us and moves within us. The Spirit challenges us to do God’s will and comforts us when we need to find a little grace, love, and peace.


The Spirit is with us today, this moment, seeking to help us hear the word of God, and moving within to bring us closer to God. The Spirit quietly speaks, we pause to listen.


The Holy Spirit hovers over and touches the water we use in baptism. Gracing it to be the outward and visible of God’s inward and visible grace. Granting us new birth, bringing us into Christ’s Body the Church, and empowering us live as instruments of the presence of Jesus.


The Holy Spirit touches the hearts, minds, and souls of those who presented to the Bishop for Confirmation, Reception, or Reaffirmation. The Holy Spirit graces them with what they need to live the Christian life.


The Holy Spirit hovers over and touches the bread and wine in the Eucharist, making spiritual food for our souls. The Spirit enables us to renew the Covenant formed in Baptism and provides us the grace to live as the Body of Christ, serving the world in his name.


The Holy Spirit, like the wind we feel, is not under our control. The Spirit does what God wills and graces all whom God desires to touch. We often will not know when the Spirit will act, nor always know what the Spirit is doing. But acting, moving restoring is what is happening.


The Holy Spirit, like the breath we breath, refreshes and restores our souls and the soul of our Church. Breathing in the grace and love of God and exhaling the darkness and loneliness within us. Invigorating our souls and the Soul of the Church to persevere in the mission and ministries Christ has entrusted to us.


The Holy Spirit unites people of all nations, languages, and states into one Body with one purpose. 


This is what we celebrate each day.

Whatever the Holy Spirit touches is changed.

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May 23

What a sermon!  The Spirit got hold of you, burned the words into your heart and from there to the page. A revelation this bold, true, and faithful only comes but few times in a priest's life.  My brother, you had a big one! Best wishes, Bill DeForest +

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